Woodworkers Are Profiting From Unique, Hand-Crafted Items


When I first decided to take up woodworking as a hobby, I did it because I loved the smell of sawdust, working with my hands, and the long, private hours of solitude away from everyday life.

However, trying to turn it into a full-time gig can was out of the question, with all the equipment overhead, time, and cost of materials.

It’s no wonder most of us stick to woodworking as a hobby.

It wasn’t until recently when I had a conversation with a friend who had small children I realized some of the profit potential.

She paid nearly $150 for a set of custom made wooden toys for their children.

I’d rather have some natural, handmade wooden toys that will last and can be passed down than some cheap plastic disposable junk.

This lit a lightbulb in my head. What if there were other items, just like toys, that I was fully capable of making with a small set of tools and were in high demand?

As it turns out, there is quite a list of these items. And probably plenty more I’m not aware of in just my small amount of online research.

As it runs out, even hobby woodworkers like myself can earn and find clients who are looking for very specific, handcrafted items.

People are looking for craftsmanship and a personal touch, especially when it comes to items like:

  • Jewelry boxes
  • Wooden Toys
  • Wine Racks
  • End tables
  • Cigar boxes
  • Chess Boards

The key is filling the gaps in the market with unique hand-crafted items.

Often these items are smaller, but can hold more sentimental value, especially when adding small touches like personalized initials.

Woodworking for profit with small scale specialty items requires less machinery, less time, and provide more use and joy to clients.

I did a little more research, and one woodworking course in particular is getting all sorts of accolades and praise from its students.

While other courses may teach tools and techniques, this one really guides you through things like pricing, market awareness, and finding clients who want this stuff.

Knowing what to sell, who to sell to, and what kinds of woodworking items are in demand can turn a small hobby into a lucrative gig sooner than you may think.

Often times, clients will even pay up front, especially when they want to surprise a loved one with a customized gift, especially for a birthday or anniversary.

These hand-crafted, customized gifts yield top dollar – and for good reason – you can’t buy them in stores.

Sometimes, all it takes is learning from someone who is already in the game and landing top dollar for their custom handy work.

I think woodworking can be more than a fun hobby for those who are willing to seek out the top-paying clients and specialize.

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