Buying a new mattress? Beware what’s inside.

Beware of the cheap, refurbished mattress scams out there.

Reports are surfacing of the horrors involved when buying “new” mattresses from traditional, discounted suppliers.

Often times the deals seem good – often advertised as up to 50% or more off retail prices. But the truth is shocking.

Old mattresses are being “refurbished” and sold as new.

Often times, the refurbished process takes on a simple cleaning of the exterior of the mattress, but the real scary part is what lurks underneath all the fabric and cushioning.

Everything from mold and deeply soaked blood stains, to spores and parasites.

It isn’t known how widespread the mattress refurbishing scam industry is, but one thing is for sure, buying from a sketchy shop down the street with a bunch of 50%-70% off signs painted on the windows is not the best way to buy a mattress.

But the industry is being shaken up – in a good way. In the best possible way, in fact.

Not only are manufacturers figuring out materials that are more comfortable and more durable, but also more resistant to the natural downsides of traditional materials that make mattresses a trap for sweat, blood, parasites and other things that can slowly accumulate over time.

To top it all off, no longer do consumers have to travel to a store and talk to a pushy salesman.

What does it all mean?

Safer, longer lasting mattress with less hassle and more affordable prices.

Most of these new mattress manufacturers offer similar features of comfort and affordability, along with a trail period plus free delivery.

But not all are created equal. Some of them are capitalizing on the trendiness of the memory foam mattress craze and creating sub par products.

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